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April 18, 2022

Thin Clients - How to Convince Your People to Adopt Them and Desktop Virtualization

There’s plenty of business reasons for adopting Thin Clients and Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI), but points like security, data management, and cost savings aren’t always the best way to convince employees that Thin Clients are going to work well for them. That’s just as true for the IT department and other technical employees as it is for nontechnical roles like HR and accounting.

Without getting buy-in from the people on the ground, however, adoption rates will struggle. And without adoption, your business won’t realize any of the benefits that you invested for in the first place.

To get your people on board with Thin Clients and desktop virtualization, start by considering your audience. Then, pitch accordingly by using language that resonates with them and by showing them what they get out of the bargain. There’s hardly a better incentive than self-interest, so focus not on what VDI will do for the business but rather demonstrate how it will make their workday more pleasant or more productive.

Here’s how to help “sell” your users on Thin Clients and VDI.

Thin Clients – How to Present to Nontechnical Employees

First off, don’t get too technical. There’s no need to explain in detail how Thin Clients work, or even to use the word “virtualization.” Presenting them with the Client can be as easy as putting it on their desk and putting it in terms they easily understand: “here’s your new computer.” Who doesn’t love an upgrade?

Speaking of upgrades, another way to sweeten the deal and make your employees happy is to bundle the Thin Clients with better monitors, mice, keyboards, or other peripherals that are easy to recognize as an obvious improvement. Nobody’s going to complain about a beautiful new monitor… right?

You can also tell them how their new “computers” will make their workday better. Explain how IT can now offer support from anywhere, all without ever having to access their device. The same is true for updates. That’s one less thing to worry about and one less cause of interrupted productivity.

The final selling point is that, wherever you work, you’ll access the same desktop. Especially important for today’s hybrid workforces, it’s a major advantage to not have to lug a heavy laptop back and forth from the office to home or to sit down at the cafe only to realize that you don’t have the files you need to get your job done.

Pitch it as a solution to a real problem that they encounter in their day-to-day work and as an upgrade to their current equipment, and you’ll have no issue getting the higher adoption rates that you need.

Thin Clients – How to Get Technical Employees to Adopt

Start by taking the opposite tactic that we recommended for nontechnical employees – present them with the technology and let them see for themselves how it will improve their lives. In general, technical professionals despise being talked down to, so don’t shy away from introducing the technical complexities of desktop virtualization. Give them something to “geek out” on, and before too long they’ll start coming up with their own ideas for how VDI and Thin Clients will benefit them.

From there, hone in on some specific ways that Thin Clients will make their lives better. At the forefront is the ease of provisioning new devices and managing them throughout their lifecycles. Since all will be centrally managed, everything from installing updates to managing access controls is much easier than the distributed paradigm of personal computers. This means less tracking down devices and an easier workday.

From a security standpoint, IT never has to worry about virus-laden PCs infecting their network or somebody losing a laptop and the valuable data it contains. Again, this comes down to simplification and peace of mind. Lastly, point out that their end users will be happier. IT no longer has to disrupt them by touching their PCs for updates, upgrades, or installations, so this can be a compelling argument in the “make my life a little more pleasant” category.

Thin Clients – 10ZiG Technology

It’s a known truth that people, especially as they age, are resistant to change. If something ain’t broken, then why should we fix it? Overcoming this mental barrier is one of the major hurdles that we need to vault in order to have a successful roll-out of Thin Clients and VDI. Knowing who you’re persuading and how to do so is the best tool at your disposal for getting the project off the ground.

From there, the best move you can make is finding your champions. They don’t have to be departmental leaders, but look for people on the inside who are trusted by their team and who can advocate for Thin Client adoption. Having these champions among both the technical and nontechnical departments is key.

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