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July 05, 2018

VMworld 2018 US: 10 “Did You Know?” Updates From 10ZiG Technology

VMworld 2018

As a longtime VMware Partner, VMUG sponsor, and VMworld vendor, 10ZiG Technology (Thin & Zero Client Vendors for Virtual Desktop Infrastructure) has been keeping up with all the VMworld 2018 US “this-and-thats” and has found the following 10 tidbits to be quite helpful, and even – fun!

VMworld 2018 US; What 10ZiG Thinks You Should Know!

  • VMworld 2018 US registration rates are the same as VMworld 2017. (Registration began on May 8th with early-bird rates.) Um, yay!

  • VMworld 2018 US will allow you to earn points and “spend” them on a wide range of gifts. Checking-in at registration, completing a survey, attending a session, etc., will also earn you points to use at their special “swag store.” Oh, sweet!

  • VMworld 2018 US is themed, “VMworld Begins with You,” and it went public. And, of course, 10ZiG likes it!

  • VMworld 2018 US will now have egg stations, hot oatmeal, and an array of breakfast sandwiches to warm your stomach and start your day. (Not to worry, there will still be continental options for early risers.) Vegas, baby!!

  • VMworld 2018 US will have a lunch menu that spans the globe, with choices of Mexican, Italian, American, Chinese, and Indian items – and what?! – a meatball station! Plus, 16 – wait for it – dessert options! Bring your comfy pants…

  • VMworld 2018 US has got you covered if you have food restrictions. During registration for VMworld US (& VMworld Europe) you’ll be asked if you have any special dietary needs, so they can provide appropriate options in their lunch menu. Cool!

  • VMworld 2018 US Content Catalog is live. With 600+ breakout sessions, panels, labs, and quick talks to consider, this Content Catalog is the perfect tool to help you make the most of your VMworld experience. It offers curated guides to help align your goals and develop your ultimate schedule. Get on it!

  • VMworld 2018 US Tracks? Sessions are aimed at practitioners, strategists, and leaders who want to learn about modernizing the data center, integrating public clouds, transforming networking and security, and securing the digital workspace, etc. Click here for more!

VMworld 2018 US; Why 10ZiG Has Got You First, Not Last!

  • At VMworld 2017 US, 10ZiG Technology and all of you, “Blasted into the Horizon!” with us! Click here for last year’s highlights. And, be sure to stop by and see us again this August!

  • VMworld 2018 US attendees are about to end up first (not last) when it comes to Blast and VMware. When you stop by our bigger-than-ever booth, we’ll demo what we’re talking about, throw all kinds of fun swag at you, debut a new compact form factor and really mighty high-tech Thin Client & Zero Client Series, and… solve all of your VDI Endpoint problems. Power, Speed, and Performance! That’s Vegas, baby; that’s 10ZiG, baby… come and “Get ZiGgy with us,” again! (VMworld 2017 US pictured below)

VMworld US 2018

At 10ZiG, our customized Thin Client & Zero Client VDI endpoints fit every end user’s requirements. We are highly skilled at matching the needs of VDI endpoint devices to end users’ use-case, providing IT professionals the best and most efficient computing experience for their staffs. We process selected devices and quantities based on your needs and budgets. Our devices are future-proof, allowing for updates/upgrades, without having to fully replace the hardware. Free, no-obligation, VDI endpoint Thin & Zero Client demo devices, Technical Support teams based in the U.S. and U.K., and “The 10ZiG Manager,” our exclusive centralized management software console with Cloud capabilities at no charge with unlimited end user licenses, are all a part of 10ZiG.

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